We are
the Wolf from Pulp Fiction
John J. Rambo under
the cover of the forest
and Will Hunting on the
chalkboard after hours.

Meral Middleton wearing sunglasses

Meral Middleton

Founding Partner, Managing Director
Oved Valadez - Founding Partner + Executive Creative Director

Oved Valadez

Founding Partner, Executive Creative Director
Jen holding umbrella

Jen Stenson

Executive Director, Strategic Operations
Raphael Ballard holding basketball

Raphael Ballard

Group Director, Creative Accounts
Corey Cahalane portrait

Corey Cahalane

Group Director, Strategic Accounts
Matt sitting with an axe

Matt O'Connor

Executive Producer
Dave Thorpe with fly fishing pole

David Thorpe

Founding Partner, Executive Director, Strategy
Tom Lakovic with foot on old Apple II computer

Tom Lakovic

Founding Partner, Advanced Concepts Director
Donna Blocher holding calculator number pad

Donna Blocher

Accounting, Operations Manager
Kenneth holding a speaker

Kenneth Weigelt

Creative Director, Strategy + Experiences
Jacy Weller profile with soccer ball above his head

Jacy Weyer

Creative Director, Marketing

Adam Long smoking pipe

Adam Long

Creative Director, Storytelling
Sofia Villarreal holding plate of popcorn and cheese

Sofia Villarreal

Design Director
Robb Hunter with motorcycle and motorcycle helmet

Robb Hunter

Design Director

Whitney wearing a black hat

Whitney Houser

Senior Account Director
John Vieira holding neon feelings sign

John Vieira

Director of Brand Copy
Nadia lifting weights

Nadia Elkettani

Account Director

Armando Garcia - Art Director

Armando Garcia

Senior Art Director
Chris holding 3 boxes of pasta

Christine Carraro

Brand + Business Development Director
Connor holding a cat

Connor Jones

Senior Producer
Bas sitting holding rabbit toy

Bas Geelen

Senior Strategist
Sabrina Taylor throwing a pair of high heel shoes up in the air

Sabrina Taylor

Producer + Artist Liaison

Taylor holding two vinyl records

Taylor Dutton

Senior Account Manager
Yuanyuan holding cat

Yuanyuan Su

Senior Brand + Communication Designer
Ricky sitting leaning on baseball bat

Ricky Houston

Senior Copywriter
Casey McIntosh wearing cowboy hat

Casey McIntosh

Studio Manager

India Meyers holding music player and wearing headphones

India Myers

Senior Brand + Communication Designer
Jorge Marrufo holding a teenage engineering sequencer

Jorge Marrufo

Associate Creative Director
Anthony Taylor holding a level

Anthony Taylor

Associate Creative Director
Bryan holding drum sticks

Bryan Robertson

Tech Specialist
Connor Limbocker

Connor Limbocker

Director of Photography, Editor
Marco holding a figure with beads

Marco Lukini

Senior 3d Artist
Price with a rubber duck on his shoulder

Price Robideaux

Hunter Hathaway using shoe as phone

Hunter Hathaway

Finance Coordinator + Analyst

Jenny Le

Studio Experience Director
Shannon holding a pile of Ramen noodles and putting two packs up to her ear

Shannon Nelson

Brand Copywriter
Maddie holding vase of flowers

Maddie Toland


Braulio playing saxophone

Braulio Diaz

Assistant Editor
Nash holding technics turntable

Nash Addicks

Studio Operations Assistant
Julissa holding Crocs

Julissa Perez

HR Administrator
Jansoper balancing bag on his back

Jansoper Ly

Junior Strategist
Nikko holding fabric steamer

Nikko Kieffer

Studio Experience Assistant
Natalia sitting, using her phone

Natalia Garcia

Gallery Operations + Community Engagement Coordinator
Evan pouring himself some coffee

Evan Klinkhammer

Operations Assistant