Creative All Star Series


Creative All Star Series


Collaborating with North America and Western Europe teams – we defined, created and launched the first chapter of a new platform for Converse. It consisted of a three-day experience where we pulled together global and local talent across sport and creativity in both Chicago and London. Through considered programming, the experience provided youth from those cities with the inspiration, tools, and knowledge to make an impact in their communities.


Instead of following the typical NBA All Star Weekend playbook of invite-only parties, elevated shoe experiences and social media hype – how can we flip the approach and provide true value to local youth in Chicago (hosting the All Star Game) and London (hosting Fashion Week) through creativity and sport?


Converse experiences were packed with local youth through word of mouth and global engagement via social platforms. In the end, we flipped the script, posting an invitation to the Converse audience to join us for the next chapter of All Star Series. We successfully leveraged the energy created in Chicago, London, and online to establish this new platform as a long-term proposition.

We featured a diverse spectrum of talent across sport/creativity. Tyler the Creator, Stephane Ashpool, Lava La Rue, Dr J, Don C & IBN Jasper, and Joshua Vides provided inspiration and knowledge via Conversations. Shane Gonzalez, Sage Elsesser, Kristopher Kites and Chelsea Carter provided tools via Workshops. We celebrated each day with Performances from DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, and Octavian.

Twenty basketball players posing on court. All players wearing Converse jerseys. court has large Converse star logo.
Music artist performing to crowd
Video Description: Three phone screens showing instagram stories. One showing text treatment for Chicago, one showing All Stars being modified, one showing people playing basketball

We engaged consumers from around the world digitally through Converse channels via real-time live-action content creation. We posted the most compelling content every 4-6 hrs 24/7 – keeping the energy high and interest piqued across time zones throughout the weekend’s programming.

Converse London and Chicago Feb 13 Creative All Star Series Feb 16

Converse dropped their most coveted product collaborations – both new and restocked – tied to the moments their collaborators were directly involved in the programming.

The weekend culminated with the All Star Pack – celebrating the power of youth and creativity to move sport, culture and the world forward. The pack represents a blank canvas and invitation to change the game.

Grid of all creative elements in All Star Create your own story.
Converse Event space with posters covering wall and neon Converse Logo sign
Close up of Converse Event space wall with posters covering wall and neon Converse Logo sign
Seating done in bleacher style with Illustrated Home Banner and Illustrated championship banners with Converse logo
Basketball Court with black painted floor and Converse Logo center court
Sculpture of white rectangle base, 2 basketballs painted white and stacked, and pair of Converse All Stars all white at top
Creative All Star Series shipping crates
Converse Create Your Own Story workshop areal with work tables
Creative All Star series warehouse room with shoe displays and basketball sculptures