Feel it to Believe it

Man running in distance on flat stretch of empty road at dusk


Invincible 3


The insight that fueled the conception of our big idea: every single runner’s experience is different. Beyond a sensation, invincible is a mindset. We landed on a concept that would drive the entire campaign: “Feel it to Believe It.” Our strategy was to completely elevate the invincibility of runners through showing a surreal, inside-out experience inside the mind of the athlete.

We went deeper than just revealing the benefits of the shoe. We used compelling insights to define both the emotional and functional needs of runners everywhere. Our goal was to humanize the science behind the shoe and remove any obstacles runners experienced so athletes could feel their best run through a sensorial lens: how running sounds, how running feels, and how running looks.

Keeping the product benefits of the shoe being soft, supportive, and comfortable in mind, we utilized a “show-don’t-tell” approach by inviting runners to try the shoes on for themselves. We connected directly with our athletes, highlighted each benefit, and got rid of what stood in the way of their best run at the same time.


Whether it’s to feel more connected with their body, to reach a certain fitness goal, or to improve their mental health–every runner has a reason for why they run. INDUSTRY worked with the Nike team to support the product launch of the Nike Invincible 3 campaign for Spring 2023. We were on a mission to not just release a new running shoe, but to bring together a community through stories that would connect athletes.

Finding the right way to communicate with our consumers in an over-saturated industry, being authentic in our strategy, and uplifting athletes overall were obstacles we were ready to face.


Our overall task was to refine the proposition of the Nike Invincible 3. This shoe is more than just comfort–and so was the outcome of this launch. We manifested this by shooting two runner stories featuring Chris Focus and Mi Jang to tap into their joy for running on a visceral level. We played with the camera positioning and leveraged POV angles to make the stories feel more personal to the viewer.

For product superiority, we created Invincible Experiments to humanize the science in an engaging way. By creating hands-on tests that combine the magic of art and science together, we successfully infused a sensorial lens to this campaign. We spread this energy through social media with concepts embedded in a personal connection between our consumers and the product–such as first impressions of the shoe, “Runners helping Runners” tips, and in-depth reviews from athletes themselves.

In the end, we brought our concept of “Feel it to Believe it” to life–ensuring to put athletes and their invincibility at the center of it all.

Runner sitting on concrete ledge with foot wearing Nike Invincible 3 on ledge and main focus
Runner, Mi Jang, stretching, reaching the toe of her Nike Invincible 3. Sole of shoe is visible
Group of women running on concrete in front of white building
Mi Jang running in front of white building. She is wearing blue running attire with Nike Invincible 3 sneakers
Runner with purple hair and blue running jacket looking into camera with desert and blue sky behind him
close up of feet wearing Nike Invincible 3 shoes on asphalt road and blue sky background
Two men running down white concrete street with white building in background
close up of runners' feet wearing Nike Invincible 3 sneakers
experiment set up with shoe plugged into oscilloscope and foot in cube with multiple layers of soft cushioned material.
product shot of Nike Invincible 3 Women's colorway
product shot of bottom tread on Nike Invincible 3. It is a bright neon green color.
Video Description: Bare foot on cube with multiple mirrors displaying various comfort experiments of foot on elastic netting and cushioned materials
Experiment set up with Nike Invincible 3 set up with lever and pressure gauge to test cushion
two runners arm in arm smiling walking on asphalt street with blue sky behind them