Feel Your All


Future Fitness


With Nike’s initial strategic direction, we knew we had to create a campaign that wouldn’t just speak to the women we were focusing on, but would whole-heartedly put them at the forefront.

Using Nike’s strategy and positioning as our north star, we created a powerful narrative with them that would resonate with every version of her while simultaneously breaking fitness stereotypes. This would be an invitation for those who eat spaghetti before running a marathon, for those who aren’t afraid to hit snooze instead of going for that morning run, for those who thrive in their HIIT classes but also love their yoga, for those who dance, for those who meditate, and for those who find joy in both movement and in staying still.

Nike’s insight that led to the final concept: feeling good is multidimensional, and so is she. By committing to fully show her POV instead of ours, we would reveal this new world with her, not for her.


Nike came to INDUSTRY with a unique strategic POV that focuses on the holistic wellness of all women. Their research reflected a change in the world of fitness. What once consisted of sterile gyms, 5 am workouts and chiseled abs turned into being in tune with your body and prioritizing the act of feeling rather than doing.

We partnered with Nike to come up with a creative campaign that would reflect this new strategy of including women who value being active just as much as they value feeling good. The world has moved forward and women are paving their own path towards wellness, mindfulness and balance. Nike saw this shift and took the initiative to adjust their approach to better fit their needs.

Together, our mission was to claim Nike’s spot in that world while delivering an industry-defining POV that would reshape the way this consumer views Nike forever.


The INDUSTRY team collaborated with Nike to come up with a tagline that would serve as this campaign’s consumer-facing messaging across the board: “Feel Your All”.

This campaign encapsulated the future of fitness completely from her lens. By intentionally shining a spotlight on women of all different backgrounds, body types and voices, we collaborated with Nike to illustrate the full spectrum of what “Feeling Your All” through fitness truly means. From featuring communities of women running to a woman meditating outdoors while pregnant, our goal to break stereotypes while still being authentic to her was achieved. We infused energy, love, and power throughout the entire process and ended up creating a story that resonates with our consumer.

The final assets ended up being a 30 second Hero film, a cutdown, DOOH assets for NY and LA, as well as audio ads to bring the full vision to life. INDUSTRY collaborated with Nike to develop the creative opportunity, which hones in on the release and power of community to illustrate this new world. Through this collaborative process, INDUSTRY conceptually leveraged Nike produced assets and led the post production–from owning the creative tone in editing as well as composing copy for both audio ads and socials.

These assets lived all around the entire Nike ecosystem–.com, the Nike app, socials, DOOH, and paid media. In the end, we didn’t just bring Nike into the holistic fitness conversation–we worked with Nike to bring the voices of those who were already paving the way there with us.

Group of 12 women in circle looking down at camera laughing and posing. feel your all text nike swoosh
Women athletes surrounding and looking down into camera
Video Description: rendering of Billboard in NYC street corner displaying Nike feel your all campaign
feel your all text with nike swoosh over women athlete smiling with arm raised.