Air is not a shoe

nike air running shoe render with air sole detached and vapor surrounding shoe


Air is Not a Shoe


Since its introduction in 1987, the visible air-cushioning unit has defined the Nike Air platform. With the VaporMax, Nike again redefined what a shoe could be. We leveraged this history to tell the innovation story through narrative, film and unique ‘Air Lounges’ around the globe.


The Nike VaporMax realizes the full potential of air. Both super light and flexible, it unlocks a world of possibility and imagination to further innovate the Nike air platform and change the way shoes are made forever. Nike needed a partner to help bring this story to life.


Nike air is not a shoe; it’s a platform. The Nike VaporMax is the first shoe to give the wearer the feeling of truly being “On Air”, harnessing the full potential of air by eliminating everything but the airbag. We partnered with Nike to design an end-to-end experience and story to showcase the potential of Air.

manufacturing engineer looks on from behind glass at air manufacturing machine
nike air vapormax soles stored on pegboard rack
Close up of plastic shavings being discharged from manufacturing machine
Close up of Nike air sole in a pile of many air soles
Nike air soles on a manufacturing machine with wires and tubes behind the soles
nike air sole against stark black background
nike air soles against white background
Nike air soles against blue sphere background
rendering of nike running shoe with air sole detached from bottom. Background is sky with fluffy clouds
Industrial garage door with KISS MY AIRS displayed in bold letters
Nike Air Vapormax on display in exhibit. White shoe on white pedestal in mirrored room
Nike air running shoes on display in exhibit with light circles around them
Nike air vapor max against black background. a crescent of dots of light surround right side of shoe