Con Quién Estás


Con Quien Estas


We went deep into the NFL culture across Mexico and the us – uncovering rich and unexpected stories of pure passion for American football.


How do we create a story that emotionally connects with the Mexican American population ahead of one of the most iconic NFL match-ups: the Oakland Raiders vs. The New England Patriots?


The first Spanish Nike ad to air in America, supported by unique stories that elevated the passions of athletes and fans through the jersey.

New England Patriots logo shaved into back of head of man sitting in barber stool with two barbers in Patriots Jerseys next to him
Women in graffiti painted alley wearing flannel shirt and number 87 Patriots top
Three men resting against ropes in boxing gym, one has number 24 Raiders football jersey on
Man sitting in window of bodega wearing New England Patriots hat and vintage red Patriots jersey
Man kneeling posing in palm tree lined street at dusk wearing number 24 Raiders football jersey, necklaces and plaid pants
Man sitting in chair with Raiders posters on wall, Raiders helmet on desk and wearing a Raiders jersey
Woman wearing denim jacket and number 34 Raiders jersey in laundromat sitting on crate
Three Women in front of liquor sttore wearing Raiders clothing and number 89 jersey