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A bastion of strength and comfort in the Portland community, Blanchet House offers food, aid, and essential care to those in need of a warm meal, a safe space, and a sense of home. In preparation for their 70th anniversary, we partnered with Blanchet House to build upon the existing brand DNA and define a forward-looking brand strategy, visual identity, and messaging architecture. Our comprehensive approach needed to convey the breadth of Blanchet House’s core services, key audiences, and future opportunities from both a strategy and design perspective.


How does a 70-year-old organization rebrand with a wholly unique look, feel, and tone, while honoring its legacy and remaining recognizable to its core donation and volunteer base? How can we emphasize the critical need for social services while retaining an attitude of hope and optimism for the future?


We built a strategic foundation that celebrates Blanchet House’s history and outlines the vision, mission, and positioning for the organization’s next chapter. The new tagline, “A Meal. A Home. A Future.,” and brand logo signify Blanchet House’s diverse array of services and reflect the values of warmth, compassion, and opportunity. With a fully updated brand strategy, identity, and copy guidelines, Blanchet House is well-positioned to meet the current and future needs of our community, offering aid, nourishment, and hope to all.

Blanchet House & Farm

We worked with Blanchet House to reset the brand from their foundation, mission, vision, position to a strong, timeless new brand voice and visual character.

Video Description: slides showing Blanchet House website sections and pages. Slide 1 - Blanchet House Portland, OR.  Man sitting in room looking out window.  Women picking Vegetables Blanchet, Farm - Carlton, OR.  Slide 2 - A Safe Place to Call Home.  Blanchet House offers two uniqe, fre, sober transitional housing programs for men wanting to build new lives. Woman sitting on stoop smiling.  Slide 3 - To-Go Meal Schedule.  Founders Cafe with close up of hands giving out bowl of soup. Slide 4 - Free Food for Everyone, No Questions Asked with man in apron handing out food.  Slide 5 - Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Beekeeping, Meal Prep and Cooking, facilities Maintenance, Woodworking.  Slide 6 - Blanchet Farm What we do peer support case management.  Slide 7 - A safe and supportive space to Recover.  Man in beekeeping suit next to apiaries.  Slide 8 - Ways to Help.  Volunteer. Donations. Jobs. Slide 9 - What we do. Hot Meals. farm. Housing.  Slide 9 - Our Mission is to offer food, shelter, and aid to all those in need of a safe place to be nourished and restored.  Our Story.  Slide 10 - A meal. A home. A Future. We serve anyone who comes through our doors without judgment because we believe everyone deserves dignity, hope and community.  People preparing and serving food. 
Blanchet house website displayed on iphone next to a macbook
Collage of different sections of Blanchet House website

Blanchet House branding is inspired by their mission and commitment to their most vulnerable neighbors.

The “B,” of course, stands for Blanchet — a name many in our community associate with our core values. The house is at the center of the “B” because providing a sense of home is at the heart of all we do.

The pathway within the house represents our programming and direct aid that provides safety and comfort for our guests and residents, wherever they are in their journey.

Blanchet House Letterhead, and business card layouts
Hand holding booklet reading Giving Hope for a better life. We serve anyone who comes through our doors without judgement because we believe everyone deserves dignity, hope and community.
Hand holding Blanchet House Postcards. Read Help Us Make a Difference.
Blanchet House instagram post of man holding carrots fresh from ground. Caption reads We serve anyone who comes through our doors without judgment because we believe everyone deserves dignity, hope and community
blanchet house social media post showing woman eating. Heading reads A Meal. A home. A Future. Caption reads We are a nonprofit social servies organization located in Old Town Portland. We make a difference one relationship at a time through food, clothing and supportive housing programs.
Blanchet house instagram post showing person holding close on hangers. Caption reads Your support makes a powerful difference to the individuals who depend on the resources they find here. Our mission is only possible because of your generosity.
Collage of social media posts from Blanchet House