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Women's Sports Foundation

WSF Brand Refresh


We worked collaboratively with WSF across strategy, brand, web and marketing to create a brand that inspires the next generation of athletes, coaches, parents and donors. We started with a simple question: what does sport unlock for you? Across the country, we captured over 30 individual athlete stories and created hundreds of assets across 20+ unique sports to bring this brand to life across all channels.


Founded in 1974 by tennis player Billie Jean King, the Women’s Sports Foundation strives to advance the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity. Today’s kids are the least active generation in history—and that’s not okay. We know that girls and women who are active have an increased sense of self and that simply put – the game needs more girls.


We created an amazing brand reset. From a strategic foundation, we reframed the vision, mission, and positioning for the next chapter of WSF. We engaged over 100 million people across social media channels by leveraging WSF’s incredible athlete network. We delivered a comprehensive platform to inspire donations to unlock the possibilities within every girl and woman through the power of sport.

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We worked with Women’s Sports Foundation to reset the brand from their foundation, mission, vision, position to a strong, timeless new branding and web design.

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We collaborated with over 30 female athletes to tell their stories.

Defining a strong messaging and creating a launch plan with their incredible athlete network drove a big amount of donations and inspiration to unlock the possibilities within every girl and woman through the power of sport.

We engaged over 100 million people across social media channels.

girl standing on basketball court with #KeepPlayingg

Women’s Sports Foundation branding is inspired by the infinite possibilities of sport and movement. Bringing together the lines courts and movements of various sports to create an own-able and unique aesthetic treatment.

line iconography all girls. all women. all sports #keepPlaying Womens Sports Foundation
WSF 40th Annual Salute Invitation in Gold Envelope
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15 piece Line Iconography set
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2 women fencers posing together in full protective gear with helmets off