Create Next

Collage of Man sitting on floor with sole of Converse All Star shoe toward camera, A black canvas Converse all Star shoe untied behind smoke and the words Create Next repeated


Create Next


The future will be shaped by people who are young now. It’s a tale as old as time. What we knew and used as a foothold is they are not operating in a vacuum, they’re fueled forward by those who opened doors before them. They move, not aimlessly up, byt where inspiration points them next. They break down the pre-existing barriers that exist in culture, sport and innovation to construct new possibilities.

All of that was table stakes. We knew now is the time to think bigger. We dove deep with the Converse target consumer—a group we dubbed the Gamechangers. We listed close and we worked with them to learn the best way to elevate their voices and tell their stories. The plan was to collaborate with those who will build the future to create next in style, innovation and purpose. Oh, limits, you ask? What are those?

Creating Next meant moving forward together.


Young people are doing what young people do: changing the game. In Converse parlance we had previously dubbed that ‘sparking progress’—but when the world is changing rapidly you have to rethink our approach no matter who you are. As young people refocused inward on personal growth to be better able to then look outward and lift up their communities over the long-term, we had to rethink how we Converse could serve and connect with them.


We planned out a three year narrative that allowed Converse to drive consistency for the brand, with chapters that it can tailor to movements, moments and the brand’s broader product direction even as it shifts on the fly.

We first rolled out Create Next by collaborating with Tyler the Creator to define its meaning in a crystal clear way. That was followed by celebrating All Stars—influential creators Converse targeted who are driving the pulse of culture—and aligned each one with key product and purpose stories accordingly. Serving up an opportunity for the brand to engage with the audience in a meaningful shared moment transformed into an active conversation with consumers on how they are creating the new normal—the next.

We created a powerful brand narrative and brand identity system to scale the concept of create next .

That’s the sentiment and the purpose, but none of it could stand on its own without a robust narrative, visual system and identity. And we could only build all of that effectively on what we had learned and what direction we had set. The merging of thought with the explosion of purposeful visual creativity set a game-changing course for Converse for years.

“You don’t have to be a creator to create.”
Create Next is finding the freedom to fail, enjoying the process, and being unafraid of making mistakes.
We want real, not perfect.

Video Description: Create Next text moving up and down on grid background

We worked with Converse to create a bold and consistent visual system that spoke directly to those who do it differently: the Gamechangers.

A dynamic grid allowed the brand to evoke the sentiment of the sweet spot where progress meets imperfection using typography that oozes both energy and movement.

Chuck Taylor All Star CX. Motion Run Star. Chuck 70 Knit Renew. Create Next. Man on bmx bike.
Man sitting with sole of converse shoe facing camera. Man with hands over head leaning towards fisheye lense. text reads Create Next Converse
Man sitting on floor bottom of converse shoe facing camera. Text reads Create Next
Three images, first is man in striped shirt, plaid pants and black converse chuck taylors. Second is Man in dimly lit room sitting on stool with converse shoes, third is women sitting on floor with convers shoe toward camera. Text on each reads Create Next
Video Description: Man on skateboard. Text reads Keep it classic
Video Description: Woman wearing Converse canvas All Stars. Text reads Play up vintage details.
Video Description: Man pulling hood up on hoodie sweatshirt. Text reads Level up a hoodie.
Create Next grid design next to person in red hoodie with text Create Next
5 Create Next Posters rendered next to each other against black and white city wall. All Read Create Next with individuals standing, sitting or close up on face
Three social media post layouts. One shows person sitting with Converse sneakers on reads Create Next Introducing the converse cons checkpoint pro as part of the latest heart of the city pack.

Extending the create next proposition . We defined the strategy of providing the consumer with the tools and inspiration to move the world forward. All Star Series, an intimate experience with those creating next. Jon Boyega and Tyler the Creator, both masters at their craft, create their own story and now share the how.

Tyler the Creator and John Boyega sitting having talk with microphone and converse logo on brick wall behind them
John Boyega with microphone sitting giving a talk with plants behind him
John Boyega and several other people on roof top in city wearing Converse All Stars. Text reads A project by john boyega and converse. Create Next. handwritten text reads The next thing isn't out there. it's in us.