Siempre Familia

Nike Mexico

Siempre Familia. Día de Muertos.


Our Mexican-led internal team collaborated with influential Mexican and indigenous creators to tell a meaningful story, grounded in an authentic perspective. We orchestrated a full end-to-end partnership with Nike to deliver a groundbreaking campaign that introduced the world to more than a shoe line.


How do we tell an authentic Mexican story that resonates in Mexico and beyond, during a global supply shortage? How do we give tangible meaning to the as-yet-untold story of Mictlán?


Every year, companies take the month of September and October to nod to the Hispanic community, but this time, Nike didn’t just nod. We amplified the voices of creators to tell their community’s story in their own words and introduce the world to a rich part of their culture. By co-creating with the Mexican community, we sparked a long-term relationship with a fast-growing demographic in the US and beyond, while representing the full spectrum of Latinx communities (Afro-Latinx, White Latinx, Indigenous Latinx, etc.).

Our storytelling led with connection –– between families, creators and their communities, and communities and their rich, often forgotten histories –– expressed through powerful, immersive design and copy that empowers the voices of our collaborators.

Close up mexican woman's face text reads Life is temporary but our history and our connection with the family is forever.
Woman runs in grassy field with videographer following with steadi-cam set up

El Mictlán is not a story about the past. It is a story about the present and the future, honoring Día de muertos.

Nike Mexico co-created with 12 artists and voices to authenticate the story of Mictlán and help tell one narrative.

We embraced the story of collaboration and told the world that this collection was more than a product launch through a simple graphic piece.

Nike Día de muertos sneaker against illustrated background an arrows embedded into ground
Siempre Familia
Woman kneeling wearing Nike Día de muertos sneakers with illustrated background including arrows embedded into ground
Person wearing siempre familia nike jacket with hands in prayer position
nike Día de muertos sneaker in 3d illustrated purple stalagmite environment. Toe of shoe dipping into pink liquid
woman posing in desert 3d illustrated background wearing nike Día de muertos dunks
Día de muertos Nike Dunk sneaker in 3d illustrated desert environment shoe is in pool of water.
Nuestra Conexion es infinita siempre familia Día de muertos
Día de muertos Siempre Familia Nike Air Max shoe

We had presence in the main neighborhoods and malls around Mexico City, increased the film reach through a video mapping projection in Reforma and amplified it through key media partners.

Billboard video display of Día de muertos Sempre Familia Ads in Oasis Coyoacan
para mi, Familia significa comunidad, trabajo on equipo, union, libertad. Significa encontrarse.
Siempre Familia Siempre ad showing Día de muertos Nike shoes at bus stop in Mexico
Compilation of all Siempre Familia Ads
OOH Impressions+12M
DOOH Placements154
DOOH Impressions +5M
Projection Media Reach3.7M
Siempre Familia ad that wraps around balcony at torre manacar in Mexico City
Siempre Familia print ad featuring woman kneeling with arrows embedded into ground behind her at bike locking station in Mexico City

We led through the digital ecosystem, from SNKRS Web, the Nike App and .COM connected through physical and in store experiences.

And created energy through member-focused/customized consumer journeys, integrated local storytelling, and focused on giving our audience a more customized journey in mailing, delivering key messages to different audiences.

A fully integrated media plan.

Compiliation of Siempre Familia screens on Nike App
3 phone screens showing Siempre Familia feature in Nike SNKRS app

Created a meaningful seeding experience for the athletes and catalysts that understood the power of the narrative and collaborated with the right media partners to share the story of Siempre Familia.

Box for Dias de Morte Jordans featuring colorful illustration from video and mythology
Booklets inluded in the Dias de Morte seeding boxes
3 screens of social media shares of the Dias de Morte seeding pakage. Illustrated box the sneakers and two people posing with box that says Familia
Video Description: Three phones showing different unboxing stories on social media
Catalysts Reach+10M
Media Stories+497
Media Reach114M
Compilation of stills from film works in progress. 3d models, illustrations without color
Behind the scenes shot of woman being photographed
Woman in grassy field with arms raised
Behind the scenes Diego photo shoot
Behind the scenes photographer shooting woman leaning back
Social Impressions44M
SNKRS Entries11K
Launch Day Demand$564K
.COM Visits1.6M
Una historia de colobarcion en familia para el dia de muertos Film Credits