Do You Know?!

The Toro Bravo Jordan 5, Tour Yellow / Lightning Jordan 4, and Moonlight Jordan 5 sneakers rendered side by side

Jordan Brand

Do You Know?!


We set out to bridge the gap between OGs and Gen Z sneaker rookies using a tried and true: the culture of the game.

We tapped into two insights. First, that there is never just one story of any given sneaker and, second, that generational bias pours rocket fuel into the gas tank of debate. We took advantage of the opportunity by stirring up a stew of provocation across both demographics which allowed the audience to ultimately decide their own truth.

We landed on an episodic storytelling platform for never-before-told stories, “I heard” experiences, exaggerated truths, towering mythologies and good old playfulness. The stories in and around the shoe had the chance to be amplified through the lens of both the OGs and the Gen Z sneaker rookies.


With Nike eager to kick its SNKRS app engagement up to the stratosphere, Jordan brand saw an opportunity to create an inspiring franchise content series to prime the pump on upcoming retro releases.

They recognized the retro sneaker game was changing—as Gen Z rookies were pouring into the scene with fresh new perspectives, far from those held by the OGs who pioneered the culture.

Our challenge was to figure out how can we lean into this tension while elevating the storytelling of the upcoming retro products.


We firmly planted our franchise branding approach in the Jordan brand DNA, inspired by Mars Blackmon’s iconic question in the Mike & Spike commercials: DO YOU KNOW?! This timeless question is distinct to the brand, iconic, playful and irreverent.

We brought to life three stories through films that fueled this cross-generation debate:

1. AJ V Toro Bravo
2. AJ V Moonlight
3. AJ IV Tour Yellow

In each story, we put the sneaker at the center, elevating the mythology while amplifying the different perspectives based on each demographic’s bias. Hello, nostalgia vs. reinterpretation.

We brought to life the generational debate through the perfect pairing of different OGs and Gen Z Rookies in opposition to each other. Punch it up with an energized VO, product superiority capture and original motion graphics and you get something entirely new and freshly engaging for the SNKRS app.

Red Jordan 5 Sneaker with text reading Do you know?! Toro Bravo
Red Jordan 5 sneaker
Video Description: Red Jordan 5 sneaker. text reads What are you inspired by Toro Bravo?! Do you Know?!
Yellow Jordan 4 sneaker with lightning bolt behind and text reads Do you know?! Tour Yellow
Yellow Jordan 4 Sneakers with rendered lightning background
Video Description: Jordan Presents Do you know?! Tour Yellow Episode II trailer
close up of side of yellow motorcycle with rider wearing yellow Jordan 4 sneakers
Yellow Jordan 4s rendered on a street with double yellow center line
Yellow Jordan 4 rendered on computer graphic road with lightning in background
rendered office scene with computer, chair, basketball and Jordan 1 sneakers
rendered image of rear of motorcycle and rider headed towards a tree being struck by lightning
Text Reads Do you know?! over Jordan 5 midnight sneaker
Jordan 5 midnight sneaker with rendering of city at night in background
Video Description: Jordan presents Do you know?! Moonlight Episode 1. Image of Jordan 5 midnight with rendered background of a city at night.
Rendering of Michael Jordan accompanied by security entering Nike World Head Quarters
rendering of someone wearing Jordan V black sneakers on a black and white checkered floor. Milk is being spilled onto the shoes
Rendering of person sitting on couch with Red Jordan V sneakers on and a black sparkle skateboard next to them
Jordan 5 moonlight sneaker with nike world headquarter building rendered as background