Latino Heritage Month

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Latino Heritage Month


Nothing drives the Latin community like Family. By establishing the connection between Family & Sport, we wanted to redefine what it means to be a Latino Athlete* today, by creating inspiring stories of product and athletes*.


The latino consumer has been overlooked. Nike has started the journey to elevate the community through authentic stories of Representation and Sport Inspiration. We know Latin Heritage Month is not just a moment, so how do we make sure that this is only the starting point for a more inclusive community of Sport?


We helped bring to life the first Latino Heritage Month Campaign by Nike North America.

By telling the stories and paying homage to those Latinos igniting change and paving the way for the next latino generation to take up space in Sport. On and off the court.

Air Max 90 LHM Somos Familia - Nike Air Max LHM displayed on gold chandelier, in freezer with fruit cups and on a purple chair

A shoe as diverse as the community it represents. Latin X isn’t one, it’s many.

We brought the AirMax 90 LHM back inside the community. Finding compositions in balance with the culture.

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Air Max 90 LHM, Somos Familia New York City, Somos Familia Los Angelos

“Latinas, never give up. Everything we do. We do with passion.” Leticia Bufoni moved to the US from São Paolo, at the age of 14 to chase her dream of being a professional skateboarder.

Today, she credits that passion, as well as the support of her family for all that she’s been able to accomplish. Now she’s looking to pass on those same lessons inspire even more Latinas to pick up a board.

Leticia Bufoni skates her way. Instagram posts from @nike showing Leticia skateboarding

Telling the story of Devin Booker was key for an unexpected cultural connection. A call of hope running through a common history. Bringing the attention of those those who see themselves in him.

“Living in Phoenix has allowed me to dig deeper into my bloodline and my Mexican heritage. Seeing people of my descent supporting me and understanding I’m in this journey of learning my bloodline even more, has been amazing. They have taken me in like family”.

Instagram posts from @nike of Devin Booker on his roots and familia
Somos Familia AirMax 90 LHM Devin Booker - Devin standing while wearing gray Nike sweatshirt
Devin Booker leaning against wall - We are Familia - Nike swoosh
Leticia Bufoni Air Max 90 LHM Somos Familia Los Angelos - Leticia standing arms crossed at skate park
Leticia Bufoni posing with her mother

We aimed to highlight the diverse diaspora of LatinX across the nation by bringing light to strong Latinas empowering their communities through sport. Showing that while backgrounds and origins may vary two things bring this community together – Sport & Family.

“Quizás comenzamos en lugares diferentes,
but together we rise Stronger. Somos Familia.”

Instagram posts from @nikela of different Latin Basketball players on the court and with family
Social Media posts from @nikenyc of Latino men and women runners in nike training clothing
Latino Heritage Month - Strength runs in Family - Mexican family standing together
Air Max 90 LHM Los Angelos - Two Mexican sisters standing together smiling
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