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Leagues Cup


In Summer 2023, Leagues Cup kicks off for the first time ever, pausing MLS and Liga MX play for a full month to focus on building interleague, cross-border rivalries for the ages. Because our agency’s founders are Mexican, Canadian and uniformly football-obsessed, INDUSTRY is uniquely positioned to open this new chapter in North American football with our partners at the top two leagues on the continent.


Confusingly, Leagues Cup has happened before, but its earlier iteration was more or less a glorified friendly tournament. There were only a few teams from each league involved, no competitive stakes and certainly no total shutdown of each league’s respective seasons. We needed to start by making it clear that this version of Leagues Cup was completely new and here to stay.

We also needed to win with a diverse range of fans across the continent. From skeptical Mexican Liga fans to soccer-curious Americans looking for a way in, our visual language and messaging hierarchy needed to hit home, no matter where it was.


We worked hand-in-hand with our MLS partners to define a multi-phase, integrated brand campaign. First, we needed to unlock a messaging strategy that would, at once, entice both avid and tepid football fans across Mexico, Canada and the US, plus make waves in the global football conversation. So, we gathered a crack team of in-house, cross-disciplinary football fanatics and local entrepreneurs and football influencers like Pete Hoppins of Away Days Brewing to brainstorm on what would play.

Leagues Cup’s pre-order registration quickly filled up, and they’ve already hit their goals for ticket sales for the entire tournament, which will hold matches across the US and Canada. Our creative partnership also helped solicit all the sponsors they needed for the build-up to and execution of all the events across North America.

Letter reads: Dear fans, Our game is on the rise. All the energy is here in North America. Our history is steeped in old traditions, as the soccer faithful shape new ones: New rivalries, New legacies, New moments in the sun, New heroes to worship, New tears of joy, New sorrows, New trophies to raise. Now, it's our turn. For the first time ever, MLS and LIGA MX will pause for a month to face off in an interleague tournament with real competitive stakes. The best of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico will go head-to-head to define the future of our sport. 47 clubs, 4 weeks, 3 countries, 2 leagues, 1 champion. Be a part of the new, new. This is soccer's NEW WORLD. This is the NEW GAME. This is Leagues Cup. A year from now, our story begins. MLS + LIGA MX. Leagues cup 2023

We coupled our messaging with a sharp design language inspired by the shapes and angles of the Cup, itself, and a photo treatment leagues ahead of the same old sports photography.

Our story begins / Nuest historia comienza
brand guidelines grid with cup logo
soccer players celebrating on field. Nuevo Mundo Nuev Juego
new world, new game. leagues cup 2023
New World New Game
Which team will be the next champion? MLS + Liga Mx
Nuevo Mundo Nuevo Juego
Brand guidelines grid with cup logo
Nuesta Histoire Comienza Leagues Cup 2023. 3 Soccer Players celebrating on the field.
Leagues Cup 2023 with all team names and logos
Liga MX Champions. Our Story Begins. Man of the Night. Leagues Cup 2023

The results of our copy and design collaborations teased the “New World. New Game.” brand voice on billboards from Toronto and New York’s Times Square to LA’s SoFi Stadium and CDMX, plus digital out-of-home placements in targeted online haunts of football fans the world over. We capped off the tease phase by launching Leagues Cup’s landing page where fans can learn more and published our manifesto in top publications across North America like La Reforma and Los Angeles Times.

Video Description: Times Square New York at night. Crowded street with many billboards. Leagues Cup billboards at center.
Three Leagues Cup billboard on the side of Banc of California stadium. MLS plus Liga MX. Our Story Begins. Coming July 2023
Large Leagues Cup Our story begins billboard in front of Banc of California stadium
Leagues Cup 2023 Billboard in downtown Toronto
Nuestra Historia Comenza - Leagues Cup 2023 billboard along a highway in Mexico
Nuestra Historia Comenza light up billboard over a highway at night in Mexico
Large rectangular light up billboard along wet Mexico street at night. Two people walking in front of the billboard and a small gathering of people after the sign. Billboard reads Nestra Historia Comenza. Leagues Cup 2023.

We sent a photo team to the Leagues Cup Showcase in LA to capture on-pitch action and off-the-pitch street and culture photography to highlight the incredible energy on match day — from the parking lot to the actual homes of LA fans. This photography and motion capture formed the foundation of our anthem film, the jewel of the official Leagues Cup announcement phase.

Leveraging b-roll captured at the Showcase, we announced Leagues Cup 2023 with fast-paced highlights, aspirational messaging and a voice-over cameo from Chicharito — the greatest Mexican soccer player active today.

Throughout the Sustain phase of this work we continue to release additional videos to keep fans engaged up until the tournament kicks off.

Our third video explained how the groups were drawn and that was followed by one highlighting and elevating the key cross-league rivalries. Leagues Cup’s VC and messaging for the 2023 tournament is already getting the job done.

On social, the Leagues Cup Tease and explainer videos have solicited millions of engagements across all MLS and Liga MX channels .

Leagues Cup Soccer player posing with open hands behind his ears
Leagues Cup Soccer player posing arms crossed
Leagues Cup Soccer player posing showing logo on jersey
Leagues Cup Soccer player celebrating with fists up and mouth open.
Leagues Cup Soccer player celebrating