Luka vs.

Jordan Brand

Luka vs


INDUSTRY was approached by the Jordan brand to partner on the launch of Luka Doncic’s second signature shoe: the Luka II.

We started with the athlete.

Luka Doncic has always been light years ahead of the game. Pro at 13. Euro legend at 19. NBA Rookie of the year months later.

Now entering his prime, that’s a problem.
His style of play, creativity and audacity is like no one else has on the planet. How does Luka lift his ceiling?

By bringing the best of digital x physical to form a new opponent: A digital expression of Luka’s self-belief come to life through an opponent that can match his every move.


While the cultural discussion about AI has mostly centered on the potential threat this technology poses, we flipped the perspective. How could his own AI serve as a tool to enhance Luka’s game and help him push beyond his potential?


Working hand in hand, INDUSTRY and Jordan brand brought to life the epic showdown of Luka vs

We explored the strengths on other side of the battle. has an advantage in endless data and content through which he can scan and study every aspect of Luka’s game. Luka, however, brings an intangible of unexpected creativity through his unique human experience.

We created a series of still and motion assets through the tone of a sci-fi western, bringing the audience through’s origin story, their contentious sibling rivalry (face-off) and ultimately their 1 v 1 showdown. In the end, after Luka defeats, he turns to find many more iterations of waiting in the wings to challenge him. This endless set of repetition and competition to follow enables Luka to stay two steps ahead of himself and the NBA at large.

Back of large Luka with new Luka shoes on. He is holding a basketball and a smaller Luka is opposing him. Stylized Sun in background
Over the shoulder shot of two Luka's staring each other down.
Luka vs
Luka playing Luka one on one basketball. Background is highly stylized computer glowing look.
Luka jumping and shooting over AI Luka who is on the ground