Let’s Eats. Summer Campaign

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Let's Eats. Summer Campaign


When you’re all together, food can be a moment of mundanity or even a moment of tension. Where do we go? What do we get? We wanted to flip those into moments of human connection using the spirit of community. To do that, let’s tell the most compelling story possible in the shortest amount of time. If everyone wants to be outside and relaxing with each other during summer, how can we quickly capture their attention—and show that Uber Eats food delivery is exactly what their warm weather lifestyle needs? We set out to transform summer with meaningful food moments, making the ordinary extraordinary with the right Eats at the right time.


In an increasingly saturated and over-stirred stew on screens of all sizes, how do we cut out the fat and capture the attention of tastebuds everywhere? We need to rise above the crowded food delivery field by appealing to the actual communities and people involved, from restaurant to driver to eater. Season with summertime—where everyone wants to be away from their screens and more together—and you have the meal we helped Uber Eats serve up.


To tell complete and compelling stories about community and human connection in six seconds or less, the recipe calls for: a communal situation that could use some Eats, a clever question and a captivating payoff. Sounds simple, but like all recipes, the magic is in the details. We created a suite of six second stories, each highlighting a different summertime food situation where ordering from Uber Eats would help take your day from good to unforgettable. We worked to make each situation visually exciting enough to hold up as a still for ads in key markets, as well.

The end result was a can’t-miss campaign capturing eyeballs and stomachs from the high profile, like Times Square, to the everyday, like YouTube, lifestyle website and bus stops in LA. Oh and not to mention a whole lot of meals served in service of human connection.

Three phones showing instagram stories and post. Avoiding dry land? Cubside craving? Last ones up? Uber Eats

We are right in the middle of a revolution changing how we get our food. New technology has created the potential to feed the human spirit like never before.

With the right food at the right time, we can transform the everyday and make the ordinary extraordinary.

Close up of woman using chopsticks to pick up sushi while on a float in pool
2 Women in floats in pool eating sushi
Woman holding taco from Uber Eats bag on kitchen counter
Couple smiling and eat uber eats in kitchen while holding baby at night
Two young people sit on curb with skateboard and fire hydrant in background. One person is throwing food into others mouth.
Close up of two people sitting on curb

Leading with a digital, we set out to help people discover the diverse world of food their city has to offer—all without stepping away from whatever summertime amazingness they find themselves currently experiencing. Let’s take moments that could be overlooked and turn them into moments of human connection.

Dog walking through and disrupting couples picnic
couple on blanket on eating takeout sandwiches and salad from Uber Eats
Spread of pizza and salad with uber eats bags
Man smiling on rooftop party taking slice of pizza and dipping it in ranch
close up shot from above of take out waffles and two hands going in to pick up waffles
office meeting with laptops and note books on table along with take out waffles from Uber eats. Four people sitting and standing around table are laughing and smiling
Take out fries and wings on coffee table

After a successful rollout across screens, we brought it to the streets of LA, New York and Toronto.

Let's Eats Uber Eats ads on digital billboard screens in downtown city center
Let's Eats Uber Eats ad on large digital billboard screen in city center downtown. Ad shows to women floating in pool.