The Future is US

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The Future is US


We dissected the history of America, the history of soccer here, and anticipated the diverse wave of youth on the rise. We invited fans and aspiring soccer players into the process of development – how the youngest faces of the us MNT are progressing from underdog status to their ultimate goal in the future: winning the men’s World Cup.


US Soccer failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup – contributing to the lowest viewership in decades and a significant drop in youth sport participation. How do we inspire a new generation to lead American soccer forward into glory?


We created a moonshot and invitation
To all Americans to take part – by tapping into the essence of American values – grit, audacity and innovation – led by the daring nature of youth.

The future is big. The future is soccer. The future is American. The Future is now. The Future is you. The Future is us.
Instagram post from @usmnt shows USA x Brazil. Caption reads The 5 forwards on the #USMNT travel roster for Saturday's #January Camp match vs. Costa Rica at dignityhealthsp. #StakeYourClaim
USMNT Soccer. The future is us. 2018.
Grid of soccer players and text blocks. The Future is Soccer. The future is big. The future is now. The future is us.
Phone screen instagram story. The future is us.
instagram post shown on phone from @usmnt shows us soccer player against red background. The Future is U.S. 2018
Instagram story from @ussoccer_mnt shows US soccer player against red background FORWARDS kickoff series
Billboard signage shows The Future is US campaign Fall 2018 Soccer and Basketball