Moments Made


Moments Made


Inspired by stories of Leatherman tools passed down through families, we sought to cut to the beating heart of the brand and identified a key shift in their consumer mindset. Leatherman tools exist to get things done but every time you need one, a pin is dropped in your memory. A moment is emblazoned across your brain. Whether it’s a father teaching a daughter how to work on an engine, a pair of eyeglasses fixed or even a lifesaving cut along a seatbelt to pull someone from a crash—these are all moments made.


How does a 50 year old brand known for rock solid and reliable utility connect with the next generation of problem solvers and stay relevant for the next 50 years?


Alongside a brand new tagline, Moments Made, we penned a powerful anthem and shot a short film as an ode to the moments you can’t forget alongside your Leatherman tool. To support and continue to drive our story home, we created a series of mini-documentaries with makers and craftspeople who rely on their Leatherman to do their job and to light the way along the path of life. And lastly, we served up Moments Made photography and collateral to continue to extend the message in a big way.

Video Description: Moments Made

Here’s to the problem-solvers who don’t see obstacles but occasions to prove their own know-how and human ingenuity. Those moments define, shape, and mold us into who we are. Fueled and inspired by your tenacity, Leatherman designs, builds, and manufactures compact multipurpose tools to keep you fixing.

Tinkering. Doing. And creating.

We elevated the day-to-day experiences of four professionals from the worlds of construction, auto repair, design and mountain rescue to highlight the ultimate versatility of Leatherman tools.

Leatherman tool on hood of car being repaired with rusty wire
leatherman tool open on piece of wood with coil of copper wire
Woman in garage holding hammer over her shoulder
Mount Hood Meadows Ski Patrol equipped with the Leatherman Raptor Response
ski patrol member skiing down mountain
Leatherman tool pliers in use close up
Leatherman tool, pliers open, in hand
Leather man tool on psi valve
Leatherman Bond Classics Made to Endure
White box truck with Leatherman Made to Endure Moments Made wrap
Leatherman Classics Moments made billboard featuring women working in shop woodworking class and close up of leatherman tool