You Can’t Stop Our Voice


You Can't Stop Our Voice


Sport is powerful, but sport can’t do it alone. It’s up to us to let our passion turn sport into a platform and show the world that we’re playing for change.


In the midst of a complicated year, the world needed positivity and hope. How do we inspire the everyday athlete* to use the power of sport and their voice to advocate for change?


Industry partnered with Nike to create an integrated campaign focused on hero-ing the voices of 6 inspiring local leaders. Those using sport as fuel and the power of their voice to move the fuel their communities and push the world forward.

From casting, storytelling, concept definition and full production, we worked closely with 6 heroes to co-create and deliver truly powerful authentic stories.

Award-winning coach Chiene Joy Jones, founder of the New York non-profit Grow Our Game, advocates for girls; participation in sports. Every girl or woman she brings into the sport becomes part of a sisterhood rooted in confidence, leadership, and community impact.

“In a world that is not designed to help them, I am using my voice to encourage young, strong girls to become fierce, amazing women.”

Social posts from @nikewomen featuring Chiene Joy Jones posing with basketball and on stadium stairs wearing gray nike training clothing. You can't stop us. Coaching to Empower
Chiene Joy Jones walking up subway stairs wearing green Nike sweatshirt
Chiene Joy Jones close eyes, smiling with arms over head stretching

“Don’t wait to be great. You are never too young to make a difference. We can do anything we set our minds to”

Athlete and founder of Project I Am, Jahkil Jackson is learning how to lead on the basketball court and fighting to end homelessness in his Chicago community.

You Can't Stop Us Don't wait to be great. Social media posts from @nikebasketball and @nikechicago of Jahkil Jackson playing basketball in dark blue nike training gear
You can't stop sport / our voice. nike swoosh. Jahkil shooting basketball
Jahkil balancing basketball on one finger

Community leader, and founder of Nueva Yorkinos, Djali Brown-Cepeda advocates for, celebrates and preserves NYC’s extensive Latinx culture.

She uses her voice to honor the past while fighting for the future. Through her yoga practice, Djali holds space for her own needs as she works to uplift her community.

“Every time that I move my body and feel my breath, I see it as an act of resilience.”

Social media posts from @nikesportswear and @nikewomen featuring Djali Brown-Cepeda wearing colorful Nike clothing and high top white Nike shoes. She is sitting in chair at the beach. You can't stop us. Our vote is our voice.
Djali Brown-Cepeda in low lunge yoga pose at the beach
Djali Brown-Cepedain wicker chair on beach with colorful clothing. She is holding a decorated hand fan. There is fruit around the chair.

Rapper, environmental activist, and runner Xiuhtezcatl Martinez’s mission is fueled by the future and the past. He carries on the teachings of his indigenous Mexica ancestors while working to build a better world for generations to come.

“In my culture we use movement to connect with our ancestors. Through our ceremonial runs and sacred dances, movement carries us into the future.”
– Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez in three social media posts from @nikela. He is waling in white nike high tops, purple pants and white coat with black line art, no shirt. You can't stop us. Power to the Polls.
Xiuhtezcatl-Martinez walking in desert
Xiuhtezcatl-Martinez in desert close up. You can't stop our sport / our voice. nike swoosh

Fitriya Mohamed grew up loving basketball, but she didn’t see many women who looked like her on the court. Today, as founder of the Muslim Women’s Summer Basketball league, she’s working hard to change that—breaking down barriers and building an inclusive space for all women to play the sport they love.

“I wanted to offer that space of inclusivity for other girls too, even when they are the only hijabi on the court.” – Fitriya Mohamed

Fitriya Mohamed featured playing basketball in three social media posts from @nikebasketball and @nikewomen. You Can't Stop Us. Changing the Game
Fitriya Mohamed in white hjabi
Fitriya Mohamed in pink clothing on stairs

Nike Community Ambassador Tamara Demery knows that real change starts at home. The challenges she faced in her childhood inspired her to become the role model she never had.

“Playing basketball growing up meant uniting the community through something everyone loved. Today, I still use hoops to build a family with the kids I work with.”
– Tamara Demery

Three social media posts featuring Tamara Demery. One in street clothes, one holding basketball and one close up of lacing up Nike sneakers. @nikechicago You can't stop us - Be the Role Model You Wish You Had
Tamara in street clothes on door step wearing black Nike high tops
Tamara holding basketball You Can't Stop Sport / Our Voice. Nike Swoosh
Collage of all You can't stop our voice social media posts