Nike On Air


Nike On Air


We put the consumer at the center – building an experience where they were given the keys to design the future of air max. We brought influencers and athletes into their design process to inspire them, amplify their creations and flesh out their stories.


How do we change the model of Air Max day from spectatorship to participation?


We elevated the consumer’s local cities, their stories and their designs, capturing their process from imagination to reality. We released 17 films across participating global cities to invest their local city communities into their designs. We then launched a voting platform to let their cities and the world at large, decide each city’s new Air Max shoe, to release a year later.

The Nike: On Air sneaker design program was a call to arms for six major cities around the world to imagine an Air Max inspired by its community’s unique cultural fingerprint, as designed by the locals who know it best.

Out of thousands of entries from the workshop series, a judging panel that included Nike designers and city ambassadors selected 18 finalists (three from each city). Only six saw their vision undergo the ultimate transformation from a 3D rendering into a real-life shoe.

Air Max 98 La Mezcla. Gabrielle Serrano - Winner NYC Nike On Air
Gabrielle Serrano at design table with the air max's she designed
Air max 98 la mezcla design sketches and final shoe
Air Max 97 Neoh Seoul. Gwang Shih - Winner. Seoul Nike On Air
Gwang Shih holding the air max he designed
Air Max 97 Neon Seoul design sketches and final product on table
Air Max 97 London Summer of Love. Jasmine Lasode - Winner. London Nike On Air
Air Max 97 London summer of love design sketches and final product on table
Jasmine Lasode holding Air Max shoe she designed
Air vapormax plus paris works in progress. Lou Matheron - Winner
Air Vapormax Plus design sketches and final product on table
Lou Matheron holding the air vapormax plus she designed
Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze. Tuta Takuman - Winner. TYO Nike On Air
Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze design sketches and final product on table
Yuta Takuman holding Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze that he designed
Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope. Cash Ru - Winner. SH Nike On Air
Nike Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope design files and final product on table
Cash Ru holding Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope shoes he designed
All desingers holding their airmax shoes together in group shot
the final 6 air max shoes displayed together on metal arms