Epic React


Epic React


We wanted people to feel the innovation since they couldn’t see it to believe it. With Nike, we defined a campaign with the sole purpose of making running fun.


How do we make an invisible technology mean something to the runner?


A sensorial-based end-to-end campaign where we teased and intrigued the consumer, engaged local influencers, and opened experiential immersive spaces around the world for consumers to truly feel the innovation called “House of Go”.

Nike shoe mold with multiple thick foam pads with happy face balls between as sole
Detail of traction on Nike React sneaker sole
Nike Epic running shoe sole bottom view showing air pockets at heel and toe
Nike React sneaker in white colorway against white background
House of Go interior with sign hanging that says Go. Pillow foor, padded staircase adn 4 tall windows
Neon sign reads dificil de explicar, facil de amar with Nike swoosh.
Purlple room with word Listos on wall. neon angled lights on next wall form arrows
Mirrored room exhibit showing inspiration of shoe with multiple layers of foam and 3 large springs as sole in one podium and actual Nike React sneaker in another podium.
Installation walls where one displays rows of white colorway Nike React sneaker. Second wall displays rows of Blue Nike React colorway.
Two people in white jumpsuits with Go logo lead a tour of the House of Go to a group of young people
Purple room in installation. Zig zag carpet like sole of Nike React shoe, one wall has neon arrows, the other wall has text En sus marcas
Purple Neon Nike swoosh