Brand Identity & NFT creation


To pull the burgeoning world of web 3.0 out of the world of strictly ones and zeros—and back to a place that feels human, we created the first blockchain brand built for the people. From language to colors to language to illustration style to actual tech interactions, we set out to build Overeality for humans.

We wanted to begin to create the metaverse as a welcoming space. DAOs and NFTs are confusing for non-tech people. We had to simplify and soften everything to a place where the broader audience would not only be not intimidated—but would also be excited.


In the often WTF world of blockchain, NFTs and DAOs, how do you build a brand that feels like—well, something an actual person might experience and understand?


Everything about the Overeality brand was created with people in mind. Every bit of the identity and output was designed to speak to human beings and stoke their hearts and minds. Even as more and more of the internet is
controlled by algorithm and AI, there is no reason at all we can’t slice off some joy.

We delivered a strong brand identity from defining their foundation, mission, vision, position to a new branding, social, and web concept design.

circle with 3 rings over gridded background
Overeality logo - 3 ringed circle with gradient next to word OVEREALITY

Overeality branding is inspired by the language of community through the visualization of sound. Sound waves set the tone and approach for all brand applications.

Collage of various NFT's and artists with Overeality logo and text reads For the People
3 mobile screens showing mobile design of overeality website. 1 is collage of artists and nfts with text For the People. 2 is a gallery view of an NFT collection. 3 is a featured artist Stud Kida showing her Sun Series paintings
3 screens of desktop overeality website design. 1 showing NFT product page, 2 showing gallery view and 3 showing page footer #Peoplepoweredblockchain
3 phone screens showing concepts for social media presence. Instagram grid and 2 posts. One post is of artist and her nft with the word PAINT BRUSH. 3rd screen is All text reading Creators. Collectors. Innovators. Athletes. Fans. Entertainers. Music Artists. Culture. For You. For Everybody.

“The thing about the blockchain isn’t the blockchain at all. It’s the people.”