Nike Fleece

downtown street busy with pedstrians and bicyclist. Two women in foreground wearing nike fleece sweatshirts and holding coffees.

Nike Fleece

For Everybody, Everywhere


With every new brand looking and feeling the same, we needed to define an own able world for Nike Fleece. With it, build the foundation for product distinction driven through inclusivity where everyone is invited to engage and experience fleece 365 their way.


In an era defined by the rise of loungewear and the evolution of streetwear, fleece has become a go-to essential for everyone. With it, competition in the marketplace is overwhelming. So how do we establish a uniquely Nike POV and reposition fleece from an essential product, to an icon and a platform of expression?


Give Nike Fleece a heartbeat. Fleece allows people to cut through the noise and discover their potential selves. Unfiltered, unconstrained. From strategy, messaging, creative direction, to production. We aimed to show Nike Fleece’s full potential and turn it into an icon of limitless expression and connection.

Four versions of Nike Fleece logo
People playing chess talking to woman with basketball in a busy downtown public space

Inspired by street photography, we aimed to show how life happens in every frame and how Fleece is embraced by all. It connects the full spectrum of culture. From all ages, and all walks of life.

A diverse casting, key partnerships like Spelling B Champion, Zaila Avant Garde and IDK, and one goal in mind. Give Nike Fleece a heartbeat through inclusivity and individuality. No matter who you are, Nike Fleece gives you the freedom to discover your unconstrained self.

Close up woman smiling on street with pink Nike Fleece sweatshirt
Man sitting on public chess table smiling, wearing all Nike Fleece clothes. Dog on leash in foreground.
Group of people in bright, colorful clothing hanging out on fire escape of building
For Everybody Everywhere. We all have go-to sweats and favorite hoodies and joggers- but fleece is so much more. It's been claimed by everyone from boxers to ballerinas, worn to countless brunches, launched into space, paired with heels, with dunks, and with coffee on the sleeve... and that's why fleece is so magic. If you want to shine, fleece glows up. If you want to kick back, fleece keeps things low key. If you want to mix it, match it, play in it - Go for it. Nike Fleece. Fleece gives you the freedom to do you. all because we made it for everybody, everywhere.
Women in bright red pant posing on fire escape on sunny day. Nike Fleece Logo
Nike Fleece Clothing being worn by people on buys neighborhood street including ice cream cart, chess table and old Datsun Z24
Fleece is for everyone, everywhere
Women on phone passing man on street corner. Nike Fleece for everybody, everywhere
Three @nikesportswear instagram posts each showing Zaila Avant Garde in tie-dye nike fleece clothing. Nike Fleece. For everybody, everywhere

For HO21, while continuing to pay off “for everybody, everywhere”, we aimed to create a clear consumer experience and understanding of product differentiation by highlighting Nike Fleece collection benefits.

We partnered up with key catalyst to represent these categories through their true character, and continue to fuel the heartbeat of Fleece.

Discover Nike Fleece Move to your own beat.
Nike Fleece - Create in comfort
Three instagram posts from @nikesportswear featuring Mr. Carmack, Produce & DJ, wearing blue Nike Fleece sweatshirt in studio. "Comfort supports creativity- the less that bothers you, the more free flow you have"
Three instagram posts from @nikesportswear showing woman in tan nike fleece clothing