Spring for Creators


Spring for Creators. Brand Refresh.


In close collaboratively with “Teespring” leadership, we began with a strategic foundation phase, speaking with employees and customers, and assessing the landscape of their industry and competition. This led us to define the strategy, positioning, name, and messaging for the brand and design the logo and brand identity. For the launch of this new brand, we developed a website, brand films, and social assets for the company.


Beginning in custom t-shirt e-commerce in 2012, “Teespring” had grown and evolved with social media, and dramatically expanded it’s service offerings and manufacturing capabilities. The “Teespring” company had outgrown its brand and needed to rethink its strategy, positioning, identity, and messaging. In a crowded landscape, how would “Teespring” cement its place in the creator economy, and serve the company’s great ambitions.


We put a flag in the ground that “Spring”, was a company “for creators”. A place where online creators can create, build and scale…. “Create on Spring, sell on social”. We were inspired by the amazing creators starting meaningful businesses on “Spring” everyday. The identity allowed the creators and their work to take center stage, the communications made it clear that “creators” are our stakeholders, and the films celebrated real creators. Post rebrand the company has enjoyed continued growth and success.

2 older teespring logos
Video Description: Spring Logo animating into Spring text
New Spring Logo design grid guidelines
Still of video Create with Spring. Sell on Social. Product upsells showing with buy now link
Video Description: multiple stills of spring website
Video Description: scrolling through spring website blog
Spring website shown on 3 phone screens
Video Description: 3 phone screens showing spring site demonstration of buy now and merch sale features on videos and social posts
Video Description: Scrolling through spring site demonstrating the buy now features appearing on videos and social screens
3 phone screen stills of Spring website
spring social media posts
3 social mock social media posts for new Spring branding

The rebrand 3x’d our valuation
–Spring CEO Chris

Collage of Spring design elements and showing interactive prompts for buy now, editing content and uploading content