In order to go out into the world and create real change, our consumers need to experience nature in the rawest way possible.
We invited consumers to join the Brand in a movement towards a more equitable world, leaving nature better than we found it.


Nature needs heroes. How do we position Timberland as a symbol of change for this new era through people, product and purpose?


We tapped into the senses to bring to life Timberland’s campaign. Being fully submerged in the SENSORIAL experience of nature leads to a movement to help protect nature.

We partnered up with community authenticators and gave voice to each of the products. We connected Timberland’s commitment to each one of their personal commitments to sustainability.

Timberland Greenstride boot showing bottom tread and trail of dirt behind it
Jon Grey wearing camo jacket and Timberland Greenstride boots
Collage of all @timberland social media posts featuring Timberland Greenstride boots and John Gray

“In building a better way forward, community is essential, we have a saying called: community builds immunity.
And as we all get together and bring our best to the table, we can really change things for the better.”
– John Grey

Black Timberland Greenstride Edge boot widht stones and dirt behind it
Sophia Li's legs jumping in air showing Timberland Edge Greenstride Boots
Sophia Li sitting wearing tan Timberland jacket and black Timberland Edge Greenstride boots
Three @timberland social media posts featuring Sophia Li and Timberland Edge Greenstride boot. Get ready for anything #natureneedsheroes

How I am trying to build the world forward is to rewire how we think about climate. Climate has always been framed through a fear and scarcity mentality.”
– Sophia Li

Timberland Solar Ridge Greenstrid boots showing bottom tread and trail of dirt behind boot
Hiking on trail, close up of Timberland Solar Ridge Greenstride boots
Rickey Kim walking in Timberland Greenstride boots
Close up of blue and yellow sole of Timberland Solar Ridge Greenstride boot
Timberland Solar Ridge Greenstride boots being worn in outdoors
Timberland logo on boot with water droplets

“I’m building the world forward by questioning the idea of our postmodern world”
– Rickey Kim

Three social media posts from @timberland featuring taglines Get Ready for Anything and The original eco-leader