The World Runs in Pegasus


Pegasus 40


The Nike Pegasus is one of the most all-time-hang-it-in-the-rafters legendary running shoes ever to grace the grass, the mud and the pavement. Across four decades, it’s been the go-to companion for countless people across endless miles. For the Pegasus 40, Nike believed it had created the best Pegasus iteration yet, even for those diehards who wouldn’t run in anything else anyway. It was our job to make a big splash in the running world and beyond with the launch.


While it’s true that runners adore the Pegasus and stay loyal to the model year after year and decade after decade, a few of the recent Pegasus’ hadn’t quite cleared the high bar the shoe had set for itself. This was especially true for a sport where habit and routine reign supreme. The Pegasus 40 is more than a return to form, so we needed to communicate that in an authentic way without abandoning the heritage of the shoe.


Let’s let those who have the most insight speak to the magic of this latest Pegasus. Runners know best and those who have been loyal to the shoe for a long time know even better. We created a series of assets leaning on the line ‘The World Runs in Pegasus’ and telling the story of several influential runners’ relationship with the Pegasus just like that—like a relationship. To get our runners in the mindset, we sent out a seeding kit to celebrate the 40th anniversary—heavily nostalgic and inspired by high school yearbooks with Polaroids of previous Pegasus models peering into the past. When we captured the runners running, they described the first time they met, when they first fell in love and how they’ve always been there for them throughout the years.

The result was a tale that goes beyond just an annual new model of a shoe all the way up to speak to the transcendent nature of the Pegasus—good for the long run. This is a real relationship for a lot of people and it’s a story worth telling. And it resonated with the audience. The Pegasus 40 is a hit, drawing in a new generation of runners who can count on it being there for them for decades to come while also giving ever more to those who have counted on it year after year.

Man stretching with knee up getting ready to run. He has two braids, a beard white tank top, arm warmer, green shorts and black Nike running shoes.
Man doing standing side angle stretch getting ready to run. Has two braids, beard, arm warmers, white tank, green shorts and black nike pegasus running shoes. He is on a dock in front of a body of water with cityscape on other side
Man running full open stride on beach next to bay and cityscape
Man sitting in street stretching in seated forward bend. Bright red soles of Nike pegasus are prominent. Man has nails painted black and orange nike head band on
Man with nose ring, beard, braided hair and white Nike top has head tilted up, eyes closed and smiling
Man stretching in street in cobblers pose head down. He has geometric, parting and braiding in hair with orange nike headband.
Main running full stride on city sidewalk wearing orange Nike bandana, gray warm up jacket, blue running shorts and white Nike Pegasus running shoes.
Woman walking on sidewalk wearing black shorts and bright green Nike Pegasus 40 running shoes
Shot from below, woman runner in black spandex nike shorts and bright green Nike Pegasus 40 running shoes doing cross leg standing stretch
Woman runner smiling with foot up on concrete bench. Her Bright yellow green Nike pegasus 40 is prominent
woman in cross legged forward fold. only lower half of body in shot. yellow and red light leak streaks at top of photo. Wearing white Nike Pegasus 40 running shoes