For the Love of Music


Tidal Rising


After landing on “FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC” and launching a new rebrand with Tidal Rising last spring, our team was on a mission to maximize this new moment to its fullest potential. This new campaign wasn’t just for the artist RISING program but for the entire TIDAL brand as a whole, including both artists and fans. We used our existing branding as a foundation, seeking to amplify the essence of TIDAL, offering an unparalleled platform that celebrated the artistry and craftsmanship behind music while breaking free from the constraints of an algorithm-driven industry. We aimed to foster a community that valued genuine connections, where artists and fans could engage in a profound and immersive musical journey. Through innovative strategies and compelling storytelling, our mission was to reignite the passion for meaningful listening experiences, reminding the world that TIDAL is more than just a streaming service—it is a gateway to extraordinary music and unparalleled access.


Our challenge lay in the need to amplify our original branding position and elevate the TIDAL brand to new heights, particularly during a time when access and algorithms seemed to overshadow meaningful listening experiences. In order to achieve our goal of garnering numerous sign-ups for TIDAL Rising, it was imperative to not only inform and excite artists but also to captivate and intrigue fans, providing them with exclusive insider access.


Our creative solution connected with a powerful revelation rooted in one simple yet complex question: “Do you love music this much?” The answer would act as an open invitation for artists and fans to tell their stories. To launch, we created a 30-second trailer featuring rising artists Sunny War, Reuben Vincent, Cheekface, Danielle Ponder, Paopao, and Baby Storme. This created a full campaign that shot Hero campaign assets while telling artist-specific stories. We sourced material from a variety of formats—still, video, and on-camera interviews. From there, we collectively used the footage of all artists and created a short film that would coincide with a live screening event. In the end, we continued to provide a platform for rising artists while connecting them closer to their fans in a deep way, staying true to the core of TIDAL: the love of music.

For the love of music. Tidal is more than a streaming platform. Founded by artists for artists, we will always be artist-first. For almost a decade, we've built a community of music lovers. People, like us, who hear the heart behind the beat. We've given everything for the love of music. But, We know we can still do more for rising artists. It's Time for a New Tidal rising. An artist program that levels the playing field. Direct Funding, Educational support, mentorship, and industry connections. Whatever it takes for artists to focus on the music and connect with fans. This is the beginning of a new era. Let's get to work. Tidal Rising
Collage of dozen or so instagram posts from tidal rising Featuring artists Pao Pao Sunny War,
For the Love of Music. More than streaming. tidal has always been more than a streaming service. We: Educate, Amplify, Connect
Collage of Tidal Music promo spots
Collage of artist photos and promo tag lines including: We hear heart behind the beat. For the love of music. Rise up to create and listen. Sound is vibration but music is something more.
Video Description: New York City Times Square large full color video billboard. It is curved on a building corner. Features clips from Sunny War, Pao Pao, cheekface, reuben vincent, Alex Vaughn. for the love of music. Tidal rising
NYC Times Square video billboard showing artist Pao Pao with the text Pao Pao Tidal Rising
NYC video billboard showing artist Sunny War playing acoustic guitar with the text Sunny War Tidal Rising
For the love of music tidal rising letter with silver ink letterpressed on black paper. Some loose, some are in vacuum sealed silver mylar bags so the letter pressed text can still be read.
black box with silver mylar envelope inside
black box with tidal logo and text Tidal Rising
Black promo box for tidal showing headphones and bluetooth speaker along with vaccuum sealed letterpress For the love of music letter.
Headphones with Tidal logo. For the love of music letter in background
Video Description: For the love of Music Tidal Rising Letter. Silver Ink on Black paper
For the Love of Music letter vacuum sealed into silver mylar bags. Words are letterpressed and can be read through vacuum seal
For the love of music. Baby Storme posing with pink hair. Reuben Vincent with hands together in front of chest, PaoPao in rollerskate rental booth with rollerskate around their neck. Cheekface standing posing. Sunny War with serious expression pen and pad on her knee. Alex Vaugn with purple hair and yellow tubular sweater. Tidal Rising