Express your true colors


Express your true colors


After several years of establishing Timberland’s brand voice and 50th anniversary efforts, they tapped us to continue to push momentum and keep the energy vivid with a global Color Blast campaign featuring exclusive brightly colored boots.


With seven new colorways of the iconic Timberland boot, how can we utilize the product to make unmissable marketing materials and a corresponding huge splash in the market? How do we make it authentic and properly reverent to the weight the iconic boot carries? And when the reach needs to be global, how can we make it feel tailored for each region?


To set our sights all the way across the world, we tapped in seven different artists—each representing a market where the Color Blast product would land. Every artist was assigned one specific color and tasked with creating their own interpretation of that boot and how it fits into an original world inspired by that color. We then shot on body stills and motion pieces and combined it all wizard-like with the fresh art to craft a diverse array of eye-catching assets. The result was a global campaign that grabbed attention and got people talking—to go with completely sold-out product.

11 by 3 grid showing with each square one of the timberland 50th anniversary colors with corresponding colored boots
Illustration of Clemantis Blue colorway boot stepping in a puddle
Man sitting ina chair with pink Timberland sweatshirt, blue jeans and clemantis blue timberland boots
Man standing wearing clemantis blue timberland boots along with blue jeans, pink sweatshirt, purple beanie and pink hoodie sweatshirt
Illustration of Japanese city with city lights and staircases. Man stands on landing of staircase outside with hooded sweatshirt and blue timberland boots on.
Illustration of Red Timberland boots over brick buildings, evergreen trees, and mountains
person with big orange hair wears a gray Timberland hoodie with overalls with one band undone. also wearign aura orange Timberland boots
Person with gray Timberland sweatshirt and overalls sits in chair sideways with on foot up on chair. They are wearing aura orange boots.
illustration with bear wearing sweater and aura orange Timberland boots, weaving lines, brick buildings with a rat on top, music notes, a man in timberland boots and a bucket hat, evergreen trees, birds, pine cones.
Illustration of dark cheddar colorway of Timberland boots with 50th anniversary logo on them
Man wearing light blue Timberland sweatshirt and holding denim jacket open.
Man sitting in chair with orange timberland hat, light blue timberland sweatshirt, and dark cheddar timberland boots
illustration using dark cheddar color shows man on horse in front of forest and mountains
Illustration of the Vivacious pink color way for the Timberland 50th Anniversary boot. shows boot on pink cloud planet with sharp pink crystal-like structures.
Woman wearing gray Timberland sweatshirt and vivacious pink colorway timberland boots
woman wearing gray beanie and gray Timberland sweatshirt and pink Timberland 50th anniversary boots
Illustration of Vivacious pink colorway world of clouds, ribbon like contours and pink spheres with spheres with parts hollowed out.
Illustration of Holiday light blue colorway Timberland 50th anniversary boot featuring robots, a potted plant and a broken chain.
Man standing with Timberland orange and navy blue winter jacket over orange hooded sweatshirt, brown pants and Holiday light blue color way Timberland boots
Man sitting in chare with orange Timberland sweatshirt and Holiday light blue colorway Timberland boots
Illustration in Holiday blue color of bear in winter clothes, robots, a cat with fanny pack and bag, staircases, brick platform.
A pair of boots in front of a futuristic city.
A woman wearing a red hoodie, plaid pants and quarry gray Timberland boots.
A woman wearing a plaid jacket, hat and Timberland Quarry gray boots.
A futuristic city with tall buildings.
An illustration of a green boot with a tag on it.
A man sitting on a chair in a green jacket and green boots.
A person sitting on a wooden chair with a green sweatshirt kicking one leg in air. They are wearing green Timberland boots
An illustration of a woman in a city.
Video Description: View of Timberland store front display showing the Timberland 50th anniversary color boots video
An ad for timberland boots with the words express your true colors.
Video Description: Video of all the different color ways of Timberland boots falling from top of frame to bottom