Converse All Stars


All Stars.


We brought the brand back to youth and inspired them to Spark Progress. By truly understanding and redefining Converse new consumer, we have successfully repositioned Converse in a completive market. We have repurposed the brand voice and image to resonate with youth across every form of expression. We defined a narrative that revealed the true Brand Truth for Converse- that they have always served consumer that are Independent enough not to follow.


To uncover the cultural need, we identified and defined the Converse target consumer, the Gamechanger, and established a consumer architecture to unify consumer need and attitudes across product, marketing, and geographies.
Gamechangers are driven by a new reality for young consumers: they demand meaning from the brands they align with, and they don’t just want to rebel against authority but need the tools to make progress for themselves and their communities.
Converse must deliver meaning by fueling their ability to make change. On their terms, in their world, thought product, inspiration, experiences and action.


We defined a new Brand Purpose for the company and brought it to life both internally and externally, unifying the company across product and marketing.

We created the ecosystem for a new visual language, designed the communication assets needed, and defined the right channels to bring them to life.

Video Description: All Stars. Loop through faces and artists

All Stars is NOT a tagline, an ad, or seasonal campaign. It is a behavior, a belief, and the foundation of our community.

All stars = Converse All Stars, and it aims to turn a worldwide network of young creators into an internal creative shop for the brand. Across 27 cities, the roughly 3,000 individuals—from athletes to artists—attended workshops, events, and have the ear of the brand on their ideas.

A new way to create at home. From a physical experience in Chicago and London we had to evolve due to Covid19 to a series of experiences powered by Converse and their creative community from around the world.

We created a broadcast experience and developed unique graphic system to keep the consumer engaged.

Screenshot of WATCH. COMMUNICATE. ENGAGE. in bold letters with people's faces
Video Description: 1:1 Discussion + Q&A Samuel Ross Virgil Abloh. All Stars: Kobit, Thailand. Godswill Dlamini, South Africa. Agata Panucci, Italy
Converse All Star Series Collage of 21 different portrait sized title cards and logo variations
Video Description: All Star Series Brand Guidelines montage
Converse All Star Series seeding package including new All Star sneakers, canvas bag, All Stars Envelope, promotional prints

We called this creative community “The Converse All Stars. ” A program created to fuel a network of emerging leaders driving progress in their communities through sport and creativity. This community is further distilled with the Captains, an annual class of 13 All Stars who will get a year’s worth of funding for their ideas along with mentorship across Converse’s network of business leaders and cultural ambassadors such as Issa Rae and Virgil Abloh.

Video Description: We want you on the team. To create. To collaborate. To push culture and sport forward. Together.
Video Description: The converse All Stars type guidelines shown by themselves then over an image of people. Reads The Converse All Stars
3 slide instagram post. First man sitting in stool. Second quote Create out of rejection. I can't tell you how many times I've taken an L, only to create a bigger win for myself. If a door is closed on you, build your own and walk through it. -James. Third is All Star logo @jamesamathew
Three slide instagram post. First is photo of Ify. Second is quote Always extend grace to others, be willing to learn, teach, and move forward. You can't change the past, but you can absolutely determine the future, and the future is 10x brighter when we use our creativity to shape it. -Ify. Third is All Star logo with @IFEWT

We collaborated and featured some of these All Stars across different campaigns and social content.
For the community, by the community

Grid of images of women All Stars. Shapes for Every Body
Four social instagram size images. Image of women reads Cassie All Star. Second orange background with white block letters reading Chuck Taylor All Star CX. Second is Cassie jumping off pole. Fourth is rendering of Converse All Star sneaker
Background is image of sole of new All Star sneaker. 3 images in foreground. First reads Run Star Hike. Second is social media instagram post of man with crossed arms in white sweatshirt and white hat. Third is close up of low top All Star sneaker
Collage of Converse all Star VC. Run Star Hike. FA&FON All Star

As part of new position. Converse collaborated with Tremaine Emory to create a meaningful product and inspiration collection to address social injustice .

Treis Hill letter to converse, Treise Hill in striped Allstars with red and green laces sitting in stairway

Kamala Harris embraced Converse as her shoe of choice. Representing change We collaborated to create a movement: Chucks and Pearls .

Poster of many people posing for All Star spots each cropped in chevron shape of converse logo