Girl sitting at school desk that has school books stacked on it. Desk is in a school hallway with lockers lining the walls. Girl is wearing Nike LeBron XIX shoes


Leave Your Mark


LeBron James commands the game to his will. He makes a massive impact the moment he steps onto the court, and he does so with force. He needs a shoe that can keep up with the physics-bending way that he plays. In turn, the LeBron XIX makes its mark with protection for the player. For the campaign, we wanted to draw a parallel with the impact James makes on the court to the one he makes off—in this case the efforts James makes to lift others up in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. ‘Leave A Mark’ was born.


Not every athlete uses their platform to lift others up. Throughout his GOAT-level career, LeBron James has always made space for others and cleared the way for those who could be up next. For the launch of the LeBron XIX, we were tasked with highlighting the space-making aspect of James in parallel with the performance aspect of the new shoe.


First up was an open letter to James’ fans. From the voice of James himself, we wrote about the moments in his life where space was made for him by others and how it allowed him room to get to where he is today—and how he pays it forward by doing the same.

Next up was creating an audio/visual experience featuring three heavy-hitting heroes highlighting how huge an effect James has had on their respective paths.

We photographed each person and recorded an interview to pair with their portraits. A visual collage with quotes over photography deepened the story and finished the picture of James as a maker of space for others. It all set the table for the LeBron XIX and showed that the game of basketball goes well beyond the buzzer.

Typed letter written by Lebron to fans with handwritten notes in red.
Collage of Lebron with the Lebron XIX shoe. Pegboard shows sketches of concepts for shoes and notes along with workbench tools

Number one was featuring product, with Nike Senior Director Tim Day. He talked about how much inspiration he has gained from working with James—and how the new shoe rises above what came before to protect the player.

Close up of Tim Day, Senior Nike Designer, in workshop. Green shirt and backwards hat.
Tim Day sitting on stool with Lebron XIX in front of work bench.
Tim Day holding Lebron XIX shoe against his work bench pegboard.
Close up of Lebron XIX shoe being held over various hand drawn sketches and color pallettes
Tim Day writing in note book with sketches, rulers and sample material also on benchtop. He is writing Lebron's impact on me has been to lead with a family first mentality.
Collage of Javon Graves images and notes around the Lebron XIX shoe and notes on Lebron's impact on him.

Number two was dialed in on a former hooper out of James’ alma mater St. Mary’s named Jayvon Graves. He talked about James coming to the games, how much support he offered and how much that accelerated his trajectory.

Jason Graves, in full basketball jersey, sitting in locker room holding basketball and wearing Lebron XIX
close up of Jason Graves in Basketball jersey and silver chain
Jayvon 's feet mid air on basketball court. He is wearing Lebron XIX shoes.
Jayvon mid air about to dunk basketball.
The Lebron XIX Don Marie Reid, first year graduate of the I Promise Program, collage of her in school and notes on how Lebron has impacted her life

And third, we served up the story of Don Marie Reid, a soon to be college student who earned a scholarship through James’ I Promise program which helped set her direction ever higher.

Close up of Don Marie smiling looking off to the side
Don Marie sitting on top of school desk wearing Lebron XIX shoes
Don Marie writing in notebook LeBron has impacted my life by giving me a channel to pursue my dreams and go to college debt free. LeBron gave me another family that loves me and always has my back!